We meet your Chiropractors needs!!

I was at a baby show not to long ago and a woman approached me who had been standing and watching my sling demonstration for quite some time.

She had her phone out, and began to read aloud all of the criteria that Chiropractors say to look for in a baby carrier.

She then said, “I am a Chiropractor and I’m throughly impressed with your product!”.

I was thrilled!! To hold my little one close in a way that is best for THEIR spine and my own is SO COOL!

To KNOW that I can snuggle my baby to sleep while keeping their hips in proper position for development brings me PEACE of mind.

I proudly babywear with my ring sling. And I do it with proper posture. 😉


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p.s. If you would like to see the check list she gave me please click the link below.